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The foremost reason to participate in a working holiday in Taiwan is that it is an opportunity to expand one’s horizons in a way that will pay lifelong dividends. It differs as well from travel, or even work, experiences you may have already had, as it means direct exposure to different mindsets and a different culture. Both adventure and learning experience, this trip will also give you introductory command of a new language.

The purpose of taking a working holiday primarily being to travel and soak up a new culture, work takes a back seat. This ensures that you have the time and energy to put into exploring an exciting nation. The major metropolitan areas where you may choose to make your base, such as Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, are modern, thriving, connected, convenient cities with a vibrant nightlife.

From exploring Chinese culture to taking part in river tracing or mountain-climbing expeditions, from hot springs to stunning beaches, Taiwan has it all. Here, you’ll find friendly people and unspoiled natural beauty, and all within easy reach of public transportation.

Professionally, the work you will do here could also be an introduction to a whole new field, for example, in hospitality or even in farming! It will be an addition to your resume that employers will note your whole life long, and, given Taiwan’s prowess in the information and communications fields, may begin to open other doors to an extended international career working for a leading Taiwan firm.