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Taiwan is a source of infinite opportunity for personal development and learning. From learning Mandarin Chinese, either in the classroom or on the fly, to world-class scenery, to outlets for every interest under the sun, Taiwan has it all.

Here, you will be exposed to traditional Chinese culture as it has developed to reflect contemporary ways of living you find in many metropolises, an indigenous counterpart, and the influence of an influx of new immigrants from Southeast Asian nations and beyond. It is a melting pot where East meets West.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and there is not enough ink to print all that ought to be said about picturesque sites such as Sun Moon Lake, Mt. Jade, the seas of flowers grown in Taitung County, and the harborscapes of Kaohsiung and Keelung.

While traveling, you will encounter as well different gustatory pleasures such as beef noodle soup, “coffin soup” in Tainan—a type of bread bowl, and stewed pig knuckle in the south.

The crux of travel—transportation—in Taiwan couldn’t be more convenient. Domestic flights connect major cities, while the Taoyuan Airport MRT Line, opened in March 2017, provides both express and commuter service from Taipei Main Station, the northern terminus, to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. A high-speed rail line links the cities of the western plains, and ordinary trains and buses connect villages and hamlets with urban centers.